Kellogg’s is launching a ‘cooling’ Icee cereal


There’s nothing quite like that first sip of an Icee on a hot summer day — and now you can get a taste as soon as you wake up.

New Kellogg’s Icee Cereal not only tastes like an Icee mixed with both cherry and blue raspberry flavors, but it also “cools” your mouth as you’re eating. Kellogg’s says the cereal, which has “crunchy red and blue spheres,” even transforms your milk into a treat worthy of drinking.

“Inspired by ICEE’s best-selling Cherry and Blue Raspberry flavors, the new cereal utilizes an innovative ingredient that cools your mouth as you eat, imitating that familiar and refreshing first sip of an ICEE,” the press release says.

There’s no word on what, exactly, that cooling ingredient is, but Kellogg’s representative tells Simplemost that this feeling comes from the addition of “a flavor that is added to the cereal coating.” The companies also say to rest assured that it won’t be as cold as drinking an actual Icee, but it will just provide a similar sensation.

New Kellogg’s Icee Cereal will be available at retailers nationwide beginning in April for around $5.29 for an 8.3-ounce box and $6.49 for a 13.2-ounce box.


The Icee brand began in 1967 as Western Icee, eventually changing to Icee USA and finally, as it’s known today, The Icee Company. It is currently part of J&J Snack Foods.

Icee has products available across the globe. In fact, there are around 42 drink flavors, ranging from classics like the Cherry and Blue Raspberry featured in the cereal to Cotton Candy, Boysenberry, Peach, Melon Berry Bliss and Mermaid.

The ICEE Company

While this is the first Icee breakfast treat, it’s actually the second “cooling'”cereal from Kellogg’s — but the first one made for warmer weather.

The brand’s first cereal with a cooling effect was Elf on the Shelf for the 2022 holiday season. The Elf on the Shelf cereal was made with sugar alcohols to induce the cooling effect, which is distinctly different than the cooling flavor of the Icee cereal.

With star-shaped cereal pieces and marshmallows, it was not made to cool you down on a hot summer day. Instead, according to the brand, it was meant to feel “like biting into a snowball.”


Will you be trying Kellogg’s new ICEE cereal?

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