Kellogg’s releasing glittery heart-shaped cereal for Pride this year

Kellogg's GLAAD Together with Pride cereal
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June is Pride Month, and in celebration, Kellogg’s is releasing a new heart-shaped cereal in 2021! Created in partnership with GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation), Together With Pride cereal is berry-flavored, and the colorful pieces are topped with glitter as well.

The cereal hit store shelves nationwide in mid-May and will be available for a limited time. The 7.8-ounce boxes have a suggested retail price of $3.99, and Kellogg’s will donate $3 to GLAAD for every box purchased. Be sure to upload your receipt to Kellogg’s Family Rewards to make sure your donation counts.

“The delicious new recipe features berry-flavored, rainbow hearts dusted with edible glitter,” Kellogg’s said in a statement. “The cereal marks the latest chapter in a years-long partnership with GLAAD and is the evolution of the fan-favorite — All Together Cereal — which previously was only available online.”

Kellogg Wellbeing tweeted about the special-edition cereal, writing, “All are welcome to the breakfast table with our NEW Together with Pride cereal coming to shelves soon. For every box sold, Kellogg is donating $3 to @glaad to support the LGBTQ+ community @KelloggCompany”:

The purple box features several Kellogg’s cereal characters, including Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam and Rice Krispies’ Snap, Crackle and Pop, all coming together to celebrate Pride.

Pride Month has traditionally been celebrated each June to commemorate the anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion in New York on June 28, 1969, a moment that’s widely considered to be the birth of the modern LGBT movement. Today, Pride Month is celebrated by members of the LGBT community and their allies around the world with parades, parties, festivals and other events.


A number of brands and companies celebrate Pride Month, and over the years, many special Pride-themed products have been introduced to honor the movement, including Apple Pride-themed watch bands, Disney’s Rainbow Mickey Pride Collection and rainbow bagels.

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