Kelly Clarkson Turns Hoda Kotb’s Children’s Book Into A Song — Have A Listen

Last year, “Today” anchor Hoda Kotb adopted a baby girl named Hayley Joy after a long time wishing she would become a parent. New motherhood inspired Kotb to write a children’s book about the experience, “I’ve Loved You Since Forever.”

Now, pop star Kelly Clarkson, who is a mom of four, has turned the book into a song and music video.

Kotb joined Clarkson in a recording studio at Atlantic Records to film a segment for “Today.”

From Children’s Story To Song

The words of the book lend themselves perfectly to song lyrics, and Clarkson’s soulful singing really packs an extra emotional punch.

“I made it more like a lullaby, like James Taylor, like there’s kind of some Patty Griffin in it,” Clarkson told Kotb. “I hope we do it justice.”

You can watch the beautiful music video Clarkson filmed for the song here:

We’d say she totally nailed it!

Story Inspired By Mom And Baby’s First Meeting

Kotb explained that the title of her book evokes the feeling she had when she met her baby daughter.

“This book means a lot to me because the title, in and of itself, really sums it all up. It’s like when you’ve loved someone before you met them,” she told USA Today. “‘I’ve loved you since forever’ is just kind of how I felt. It’s sort of like, ‘I know you’re sleeping under the same moon and stars as me, and one day we’ll find each other.’ ”


Kotb, Clarkson Bonded Over Families

Kotb and Clarkson are longtime friends, and when the singer previously appeared on “Today,” the two bonded over the experience of being mothers:

How sweet!

Kotb announced the news on Feb. 21, 2017, that she was a new mom to little Haley Joy, who had been born on Valentine’s Day.

Kotb, 52, had been absent from the show for some time, and finally, her news anchor friends addressed her absence and revealed a wonderful surprise. Kotb had been gone because she was spending time with her newly adopted little bundle of joy. Kotb gushed about the newborn over the phone during the segment about her big news.

“She’s a Valentine’s baby so she’s a little nugget,” she said.

Her co-anchors managed to keep the news a secret.

“I’ve got the biggest mouth in the world and I’ve said zilch,” Kathie Lee Gifford said. “Hoda, we are thrilled for you, sweetheart. You were made to be a mom.”

But Kotb started posting hints online before the news of the baby arrived. She took to social media to post inspirational quotes that all seemed to have a theme. “For all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you,” read one post, for example.

But that certainly wasn’t enough to spoil her surprise announcement, as big of a hint as it was.



Downloading Song Raises Money For Charity

You can get Kotb and Clarkson’s song on Apple and Amazon. All of NBCUniversal’s profits from each download and stream of the song will be donated to, a national grant program that helps parents with the cost of adoptions.

Help Us Adopt was founded in 20o7 with the intention of providing financial assistance for families looking to adopt a child.

“In a nutshell, we help hard-working families overcome the financial obstacles of adoption so children can join loving and permanent homes,” according to its website.

All families go through an application process that includes a home study, personal statement and tax return disclosures. Then, Help Me Adopt awards grants to qualified families to help offset adoption fees.

Representatives from Help Us Adopt took to Instagram to thank Kotb for highlighting the organization and its cause.




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