Kelly Ripa And Mark Consuelos Celebrate Son’s 21st Birthday With Sweet Messages

It seems like yesterday that Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos were lamenting the fact that they were “old enough to have a son in college,” but now their oldest son, Michael, has officially turned 21 years old.

And to celebrate, the mom and dad posted the cutest congratulatory messages to their son online.

Ripa posted a slideshow of photos of her all-grown-up son.

“21 years ago today the galaxy was shooketh! Happy birthday HE! We love you BIG,” the mom wrote on Instagram.

The 21-year-old’s dad posted a sweet message, too.

“‘Go West Young Man..’ Happy 21st birthday Michael. Our love for you is only matched by our pride.. xoxo Dad,” Consuelos wrote along with a picture of his grown son on a snowy mountaintop.

Together, Ripa and Consuelos have three children, and, despite being the oldest, Michael is actually not the hardest to please. Instead, it’s their daughter, Lola, who’s apparently picky when it comes to things like sharing family photos on Instagram.

Ripa talked about needing her daughter’s approval when picking a family photo to share for the holidays, and luckily — she was able to find one that passed her test this past Christmas:

See more about their family Christmas cards here:

A 22-Year Love Story

Ripa and Consuelos met on the set of “All My Children” and were married in 1996.

Since then, they’ve gone on to create a beautiful family — and one that’s growing up quickly, at that. Michael is now officially 21 and Lola follows at 16 years old. Their youngest, Joaquin, is not far behind at 15.

Their eldest son’s birthday comes just a few weeks after the couple celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary.

Ripa also posted a photo slideshow for that special occasion:

I personally can’t get enough of this family — so here’s to all of their recent milestones.

May they keep coming, too, because I enjoy each and every throwback photo the proud mom and dad post!

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Ripa’s Genius Guacamole Tip

Nothing is worse than preparing guacamole for a party ahead of time, only to find that by the time your guests have arrived, your previously bright green dip has suddenly turned brown.

Oxidization occurs when avocados are exposed to air, which creates that brown color. This can happen fast, which means it’s important to take the proper steps to protect your guacamole from oxygen so it’s in tip-top shape when you’re ready to serve it.

guacamole photo
Flickr | stockcatalog

So what’s the best way to do it? Ripa shared her expert tip on an episode of her show, “Live with Kelly and Ryan.” To prevent her guacamole from turning that unappetizing brown hue, Ripa tops her bowl off with half an inch of water.

“I know it sounds crazy, but you put it in the fridge, and it prevents oxygen from entering and browning,” she says. “The water won’t soak in, you can just dump it off the top.”

Take a look at the informative (and entertaining!) video below:

[arve url=”” title=”Kelly Ripa guacamole hack” description=”Kelly Ripa guacamole hack”/]

If the idea of pouring water on your dip turns you off, there are also a number of other ways you can help prevent your guacamole from turning brown. Sealing your guacamole with plastic wrap can help prevent air from touching your avocados. Some people also swear by using extra lime or lemon to help slow down oxidation.

People magazine put Ripa’s trick to the test, and they found that while the guacamole didn’t look as appetizing, it didn’t turn brown, and it tasted exactly the same as the guacamole covered only with plastic wrap.

It was a little hard to drain, and the texture became a bit creamier. If you like your guac chunky, you may want to use less water, but if you’re someone who likes to dip your chips into a smooth bowl of guacamole, this hack might be perfect for you.