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Kelly Ripa And Mark Consuelos’ Son Is All Grown Up

He definitely takes after his father.

You may know Kelly Ripa as host of “LIVE with Kelly,” but this actress didn’t start out on talk shows. She got her beginning as an actress and TV personality as a star on “All My Children,” as some of you may remember.

While on the show, she fell in love with her on-screen romance, Mark Consuelos. The two have been together ever since! Cue the “awwws!”

The couple has three children together, and now the internet is freaking out over how totally cute their eldest son is. Michael Consuelos is now 19 years old. And the world’s wondering how he went from cute little kid to dashing heartthrob seemingly overnight (because, seriously, time flies).

Even back then, they were adorable kids.

Then again, they come from two great-looking parents, right?

Now, wait for it… here is Michael with his mom after a proud moment voting for the very first time.

Ripa and her husband, like so many parents, can’t believe they’re “old enough to have a son in college,” as she recently said on her show. Considering that Ripa and her husband seemed to have not aged for years, I must say, I find it hard to believe, as well.

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But, 19-year-old Michael is just one of their three children. They also have a daughter, Lola, who is 15, and another son, Joaquin, who is 13. Together, they make the perfect little family.