Kelly Ripa shares her family’s daughter-approved Christmas card on Instagram

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have come a long way since their “All My Children” days.

The couple met on the show and went on to form an off-screen romance. They were married in 1996, and since then have had three children.

But, their 16-year-old daughter, Lola, is a little picky when it comes to Instagram (as are most teens). So she only makes appearances on her parents’ accounts if she approves of the photo. Well this year, she approved of the family Christmas card, and Ripa shared it on her personal account for all the world to see!

The photo is a fun one, so it’s no wonder Lola was OK with having it live forever online. Ripa, her husband and their three kids are posing in front of a graffiti-covered wall for their 2017 Christmas card.

They captioned the photo, “Wishing you a LIT holiday season.” Now—that’s a fun, modern take on hoping all is “merry and bright” and we’re loving this take on the tradition.

Of course, she went on to write, “and yes, Lola approved,” which really is a Christmas miracle.

Ripa’s been vocal about the fact that her daughter hasn’t always approved of the Christmas card photo selection, and has even debated not sending out a card just to keep everyone happy.

“I took a lovely picture of all of us on Thanksgiving and I said, ‘What if we make this the final Christmas card? It’s all of us. We look like we’re dressed up. We don’t look as miserable as we clearly are. Let’s just use this photo,” Ripa explained recently on her show “Live with Kelly and Ryan.

“And the boys were like, ‘Okay fine.’ Mark said, ‘Okay fine.’ And Lola goes, ‘No, absolutely not. No way. No.’ So what do I do? Do I cut her out or what,” Ripa asked of guest co-host Anderson Cooper. Watch the relatable clip below.

Despite Lola’s pickiness, she has made appearances on Instagram, and it’s always special when she does. It’s become a running joke on Ripa’s Instagram:

Ripa’s other children, Michael and Joaquin, aren’t known for being quite as picky when it comes to photos. Look at this great shot of them:

Ripa and Consuelos truly have a beautiful family:

Now, in case you were thinking Lola’s pickiness is merely due to adolescence, that may not be entirely true. Looking back at red (er, green) carpet appearances she made with her parents and older brother as a kid, it looks like she was never a big fan of the spotlight.

Here they are the the “Shrek The Third” premiere back in 2007.

kelly ripa mark consuelos children photo
Getty Images | Evan Agostini

We feel you, Lola!

kelly ripa mark consuelos children photo
Getty Images | Evan Agostini

Here’s to hoping Ripa-Consuelos family’s holiday season and 2018 is full of Instagram-worthy and Lola-approved moments!

Here’s the much talked-about family photo:

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