This meteorologist had the best response to the body shamer who called her maternity clothing ‘disgusting’

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Kelsey McEwen, a meteorologist and host on Canadian show “Your Morning,” is eight months pregnant—not that her body or what she wears is any of your business. After receiving a hateful comment about her maternity wear online, McEwen responded to the internet troll and spoke out about body shaming in general.

Someone on Twitter wrote to the “Your Morning” show. Their Tweet read, “I can’t believe the skin tight maternity attire … disgusting!”

McEwen clapped back with this Tweet:

McEwen waited until the next morning’s show to respond on-air. She had a powerful message to share, especially given the recent troubling news of violence in Charlottesville and Barcelona.

“When what I’m wearing is what you find disgusting in this world—this week, in particular—you need to check your priorities,” McEwen said on-air. “You know what is disgusting? Not my wear, but racism and hate and bullying.”

Well said.

She did note that she typically receives nothing but positive comments, but it was important for her to point out that whether you’re doling out compliments or criticism, a person’s body is their business alone. It’s best to keep your thoughts about other people’s appearances—and especially your online messages about them—to yourself.

“I’m a firm believer that my body and your body is no one’s business but your own,” McEwen said. “Your body is not for anyone to talk about … it is not anyone else’s business but your own.”

The meteorologist later posted a message to Instagram which read, “I am more than how I look. I am kind, smart, hard working and most importantly: no better or worse than anyone else because of my appearance. This is bigger than pregnancy. This comes down to how we fundamentally rank (and treat) people based on how they look.”

She got a ton of support from the online community after sharing this body-positive message.

People wrote to her on Twitter, saying things such as, “You totally stole my heart with this response to this person’s pettiness. Congrats on your new coming bundle of joy and keep keeping on.”

The internet doesn’t have to be a hateful place, but it’s up to the people who use their anonymity to say mean things to change that. With these messages, McEwen shed a little light on a space that can often feel dark.


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