This Kentucky train lets you enjoy a gourmet meal in vintage glamour

My Old Kentucky Dinner Train

When we think of train travel, our minds may immediately go back to the bygone days of elegant train cars, with sharply-dressed serving gourmet meals and designer cocktails on board. While train travel has changed a lot over the last century, some places remain loyal to the mission of delivering a top-of-the-line train travel experience.

My Old Kentucky Dinner Train is one such company. Established in 1988, the company offers fine dining experiences for travelers aboard its dinner cars as they glide through the idyllic Kentucky countryside.

The train embarks from a small town by the name of Bardstown, which is about 50 minutes away from Louisville, and the trip is 2 ½ hours long in duration. As for visual appeal, the two dinner cars on the train have been restored from the 1940s, and have all the elegant finishing touches you’d expect to see in a vintage film.

My Old Kentucky Dinner Train

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The Dinner Excursion includes a four-course gourmet meal that is cooked right on the train by a skilled team of chefs. While the menu changes seasonally, some of the items that are available through September include prime rib, brandied pecan pork and pan-seared salmon. For those who want to indulge in Kentucky’s finest, the train also has a bar where visitors can order drinks made from a selection of 35 different kinds of bourbon.

Some of the sights visitors can expect to see while on board include the Jim Beam and Four Roses distilleries, Jesse James’ safe house and the Bernheim Forest.

Ticket prices for this trip are $108 for adults and $71 for children. You can also reserve a private table for two for the price of $216.


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The train also hosts different events year-round including a Thanksgiving Dinner Excursion and a Bourbon Excursion. A Lunch Excursion features a three-course meal at a lower cost, while the Murder Mystery Excursion features a live show. You can even book dining for the winter holidays, but the Princess Tea Party is sold out.

To order tickets, visit, or make a reservation by phone at 502-348-7300.

If you need to kick up the romance in your life, whether alone or with a partner, this experience will surely do it for you!


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