Jalapeño Popper Chicken Nuggets Are Keto-Friendly

Chicken is such a popular staple in many kitchens. It’s a healthy protein option that lends itself to all kinds of recipes. This is one reason why chicken is a favorite for people following a keto lifestyle.

But even the most health-conscious eater wants to indulge in something like chicken nuggets from time to time. We’re not talking about the pre-made, frozen bags of nuggets you find at the grocery store. How about some amazing jalapeño popper chicken nuggets instead?

We cannot wait to try this recipe from It’s Simple because it combines two classic finger foods: chicken nuggets and jalapeño poppers!

It's Simple

Even though these chicken nuggets have breading, they are still low-carb thanks to some clever ingredient swaps. For the “breading,” you will need pork rinds, parmesan cheese and almond flour. It’s a coating that gets crunchy but leaves behind all the bready carbs. Plus, talk about flavor from the outside in!

The nuggets are made from boneless, skinless chicken breast. This part of the chicken can get dry and tastes rather plain without dressing it up a little. But this recipe adds bacon, shredded cheese, cream cheese, jalapeños, paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper — nothing dull or bland about this mixture.

It's Simple

The recipe calls for keeping the chicken breasts very cold right up until you put them in the food processor. This helps keep the mixture firm and prevents it from falling apart in the oven as they cook.

These nuggets are baked, not fried. So, you get the crisp texture you’re looking for in a chicken nugget or jalapeño popper without all the unhealthy grease. In less than an hour, these nuggets come together for a fabulous family meal. You won’t need to worry about drive-through lines or the inevitable cold nuggets that happen on the drive home.

Each recipe makes about 24 nuggets, so you can make a batch for the whole family’s dinner or use them as meal prep for lunches throughout the week!

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