Keurig Is Working On A Machine That Brews Alcohol At The Touch Of A Button

Every morning at 7 a.m. I have a standing date with my Keurig. We need that time together. Really, sometimes it feels like my Keurig is the only one that really gets me. It knows exactly what I need when I need it: coffee, hot, black, perfect at the touch of a single button.

So, when I first heard that Keurig was in the process of designing an adult beverage system, my interest was indeed piqued.

Could Keurig improve upon the cocktail, like they so greatly improved upon my coffee?

It seems they are going to try. According to a press release, Keurig has partnered with alcohol-king Anheuser-Busch InBev to focus on research and development for an in-home alcoholic drink system.

The company hasn’t released many details but says the new system will build on the existing Keurig KOLD technology. The new machine could offer a full line of libations including beer, cocktails and mixers.

That all sounds great, but the Keurig KOLD suffered from terrible reviews. In fact, the KOLD system was a big flop, with 8-ounce sodas costing as much as $1.25.

But it’s not just a question of cost, it’s also a question of convenience. I mean, how hard is it to crack open a cold one from the fridge? Unlike hot coffee, beer is ready to drink whenever we want it. Just open the fridge and grab one, you don’t even need a glass.

Much like my morning need for a coffee, there are days that call for a brewski. I’m wondering how exactly this drink dream team is going to one-up the ease of opening my fridge or pouring myself a glass of wine.

Apparently, there are others counting on the public’s need for an at-home mixing machine. Two companies have already begun to sell their home brewed experiences. In May, SodaStream announced the sale of their BeerBar, offering customers an easy way to create craft beer at home. And the Bibo Barmaid system claims to be a master mixologist, offering a wide variety of mixed-drink options.

It is yet to be seen what exactly the new Keurig with a twist will offer, but we are anxiously awaiting its debut. Until then, I’ll keep a bottle of Bailey’s on hand and make my own little something with the trusty Keurig I love.