The Keurig Kold Machine Is No More — But You Can Still Get A Refund

Last summer, Keurig introduced its Keurig Kold machine, a cold-drink maker that poured single-serve sodas and seltzers. Like the regular Keurig machine that used single-portion pods to yield perfectly portioned espresso, the Keurig Kold created eight-ounce soda drinks that included popular brands such as Coca Cola, Sprite, Dr. Pepper and more.

However, the machine, which launched in September at a retail price of $370, will now be discontinued, as the contraption didn’t prove to very popular based on its cost and size. Luckily if you purchased the Keurig Kold through the company directly, you’ll be a able to receive a refund through August 31.

The company will contact you directly, but you can get a head start on your refund by visiting and providing your serial number, a photo of your serial number and proof of purchase.

If you’re not looking to get rid of your Keurig Kold machine, you can still purchase the beverage pods from their website for a discounted price for a limited time.

Competitor SodaStream also announced that any Keurig Kold machine owner can receive a free sparkling water maker as long as they snap a selfie with their discontinued contraption and provide some other information like the machine’s serial number.