You Can Now Get Cold And Flu Relief From Your Keurig

You can now use your Keurig for brewing more than just coffee and tea. CVS pharmacies has just announced a new line of cold and flu medicine… in the form of K-Cups.

CVS now offers Cold & Flu Relief K-Cups for $8.50 a package, and they’re available nationwide. They work exactly like your regular K-Cup: Just add water to the reservoir, insert the Cup and brew. The package comes with four daytime relief and four nighttime relief K-Cups, so you can treat symptoms day or night.

We recommend you do a cleaning cycle both before and after you brew the medicinal K-Cup. It may not taste great, and could only be worse with a lingering flavor of stale coffee.

What do you think? Is it worth it to spend $8.50 on a package of eight K-Cups when you could spend the same for a box of 10 or more pills? It seems pricey, but we’ll still probably try it out when cold season rolls around.