This Annual Dachshund Parade Was The Cutest Way To End 2016

It doesn't get more precious than this!

No matter where you were this New Year’s Eve, you’re going to wish you had headed south to the Florida Keys as soon as you find out what went on there.

To celebrate the new year, Key West had its annual Dachshund Parade, and I can’t think of a cuter way to end 2016. According to Fox 13 News, about 200 wiener dogs hit the streets—some in costume, natch—to have an adorable send-off to 2016.

Pet-owners and lovers of all things cute alike lined the streets to watch the procession. Can you imagine anything better than watching these dogs strut their stuff in this parade?


Pups dressed up to pay tribute to “Star Wars” and the late Carrie Fisher, and some showed off their long-bodied, short-legged physique in Tootsie Roll costumes.

The Annual Key West Dachshund Walk has been going on for several year now. In other words, your New Year’s plans for next year are now covered. Start researching flights to Florida for New Year’s Eve 2017 stat!

Of course, this was only a small part of the festivities going on to celebrate NYE in Key West. You could watch a shell (a conch, the symbol of Key West) drop Times Square-style in the city’s historic district, view waterfront firework displays and more throughout the day and night. So, if you really were thinking of taking a trip down there next year, it’s sounding better and better by the minute, isn’t it?

Just because these doggies are too cute, so make sure you take a look a that video one more time before you go.

[h/t: Hello Giggles]