These KFC chicken coops are designed to look like fast-food restaurants

Like watering a coffee plant with the dregs of yesterday’s coffee pot, the idea of decorating chicken coops as Kentucky Fried Chicken establishments seems a bit cruel — if comical.

And yet we are strangely drawn towards these creative KFC chicken coops, which have been popping up on social media and elsewhere online as an option for housing the family fowl. Whether fried chicken season or pandemic home projects made you do it, the KFC chicken coops people are making are certainly a cute idea.

Here’s a sampling of some of the ironically executed poultry shelters.

This clever KFC chicken coop, posted to Facebook by Ash WoodWorks, has a swinging screen door into an open area and ramp for the hen house. Company mascot Colonel Sanders is stenciled on the red and white striped walls, and letters spelling out “KFC” have been placed over the front door.

Woodworking Tips shared to Facebook a large KFC chicken coop with an “order here” sign and Colonel Sanders marquee on the fence behind it.

New Zealand radio host Jon Dunstan is also a DIYer who created a handsome KFC chicken coop with a rooster weather vane perched on top of a red- and white-striped corrugated metal roof. The structure is as tall as he is but has a door only poultry can fit through. Images of the coop were shared through his show’s web page.

A red- and white-striped two-level coop by James Hughes, posted to Facebook last month, looks comfortable as it awaits its Silkie chickens.

Reddit user @bestguguy shared his mostly red chicken coop that has a hen house, an enclosed chicken run, and another fenced-in area for the chickens.

What do you think of my chicken coop from kfc

A Canadian red maple sits over the door to David Day’s KFC chicken coop in Pennsylvania, as posted on Facebook. This one has two doors that a human can easily walk through, a large chicken run, and even sliding windows. If the chickens stop laying, Day could convert this into an extra workspace!

Jackie Achilles in the Backyard Poultry group from Queensland, Australia, posted a photo to Facebook of an elaborate KFC chicken coop she said her uncle made. Not only is there a picture of the Colonel on the side of the coop and a chicken bucket on the roof, but there’s also an egg storage chest attached that’s labeled “Drive Thru, Butt Nuggets, 1 doz $5.”

One commenter on Achilles’ photo said that the coop brought back memories of when her daughter “raised three chickens to show at county fair. She named them K F and C.”

Pinterest user Chris Luke posted a photo of a sleek and modern KFC restaurant chicken coop, saying, “Three level luxury coop for my ladies.”

And while this isn’t a KFC coop, we think this “Chicks-wil-A” house posted to Country Living Magazine’s Facebook page is adorable too. There are red gingham curtains at the windows, painted stepping stones leading to the front door and potted plants for decoration. The publication featured the coop in its “48 DIY Chicken Coops” slideshow. It said this Chick-fil-A-inspired chicken coop was made from an old bunk bed and scrap metal. Clever and eco-friendly!

(The conditions of chickens raised as meat for KFC is not so laughable in some places. However, KFC has made a commitment to improving welfare standards by 2026, at least in the U.K., and is considered by the World Animal Protection animal welfare group as making progress compared to other fast-food chains such as Domino’s, McDonald’s and Burger King).

Do you have a chicken coop? What would yours look like?

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