KFC has a new fried chicken wrap stuffed with mac and cheese

Graphic showing 3 new KFC wraps
Kentucky Fried Chicken

Dreams come true! You can once again hold a picnic plate’s worth of food in the palm of your hand with the return of Kentucky Fried Chicken’s wraps.

This time around there’s a new, more decadent wrap in the lineup — the hearty fried chicken and mac and cheese wrap. It’s just what it sounds like: an extra-crispy chicken tender smothered with creamy mac and cheese, then dusted with a three-cheese blend for good measure.

“Since we introduced KFC wraps earlier this year, others have followed with their versions — but why go to a burger chain for a fried chicken wrap, when you can get a craveable wrap with KFC’s world-famous fried chicken?” said Nick Chavez, chief marketing officer for KFC U.S., in a press release.

Graphic showing 3 new KFC wraps
Kentucky Fried Chicken

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Fair point, Chavez!

The Mac & Cheese Wrap joins the Spicy Slaw Wrap (chicken tender with pickles, KFC coleslaw and spicy sauce) and the Classic Chicken Wrap (chicken, pickles and mayo).

If you’re in the mood to sample, you can get two wraps for $5. Or, snag a full meal with two wraps, a drink and fries for $8.49.

Wraps return to the KFC menu on Nov. 12, just in time for holiday-season snacking.

There’s another treat in the works for Nov. 12, too. The brand-new Colonel’s Homestyle Brownie, a gigantic chocolate-chip brownie, is big enough to share with the whole gang.

It’ll sell for $5 as an add-on to a Fill-Up Box or a chicken bucket, or for $6.99 on its own.

We’re a long way from the “failure pile in a sadness bowl” Patton Oswalt described in the mid-aughts, people. The KFC renaissance has been underway for years now, featuring all kinds of chicken experimentation and innovation.

Who could forget their fried chicken-scented sunscreen? Or the KFC Crocs? In more delicious endeavors, the chain added chicken nuggets to the permanent menu this year.

It’s Colonel Sanders’ world, we’re just eating in it. And we’re not mad.

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