KFC Is Making Chicken and Waffles—But Not For Long

Chicken and waffles is a classic salty-and-sweet breakfast combination that has been gaining in mainstream popularity in recent years. It’s only natural that KFC would try its hand at this specialty, and now the fast-food giant is finally rolling out its take on chicken and waffles nationwide.

KFC’s version combines a waffle with your choice of their original recipe, extra crispy chicken or extra crispy chicken tenders, and the whole delicious pile is topped with Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Even though this is a fast-food version of the dish, it sounds like KFC put a lot of work into the final product, which was initially tested out in a few select markets in the South over the summer.

“We wanted something signature and distinct,” Sarah Doyle, a product developer from KFC’s Food Innovation team, told Food & Wine of their vision for the waffle. “We’ve looked at waffles for several years now, at different types, asking ourselves did we want to go with an American style or the Belgium style, and we settled on this Belgian liège style, even using pearl sugar imported from Belgium. And the way we prepare it — frying it — it is different from anywhere else.”

You can get one breast fillet, two-piece thigh and drum and three-piece tenders with one waffle for $5.59. You can also order this new menu item as a Big Basket Meal, which includes two waffles and two syrups with your choice of tenders for $7.99. For maximum portability, it’s also available in sandwich form for $5.99 or as part of a combo meal, which includes potato wedges and a soft drink, for $7.99.

KFC tweeted about the exciting menu item on Nov. 12:

“That’s right. Kentucky Fried Chicken & Waffles together with sweet syrup,” read the caption to a video of syrup being poured onto the chicken and waffles. “And that’s all you fine folks need to hear.”

KFC’s chicken and waffles will be available starting Nov. 12 through Dec. 31 at participating locations, so act fast before they’re gone.

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