Shamrock punch and 10 other kid-friendly recipes to try this St. Patrick’s Day

Many St. Patrick’s Day celebrations serve as an excuse to get a wee bit tipsy. But if you’re looking for alcohol-free ways to enjoy March 17 with the whole family, you’ll love these 11 must-try St. Patrick’s Day recipes. From a kid-friendly punch to a fruit rainbow complete with a pot of gold, you’ll have no regrets come March 18!

1. Lime Shamrock Punch

Though it contains only two ingredients, this sweet foamy punch is jam-packed with flavor. It just so happens to be perfect for all ages on St. Patrick’s Day. Tatanisha Worthey’s idea calls for one quart of lime sherbet topped with two liters of ginger ale. Get the recipe from This Worthey Life.

2. Shamrock Shake

You don’t have to go to McDonald’s to enjoy the minty creamy concoction. This homemade version calls for high-quality vanilla ice cream, mint extract and bitters for an extra special treat on St. Patrick’s Day or whenever the craving hits. Get the recipe from Cupcakes and Cashmere.

3. St. Patrick’s Day Cake Pops

These bite-size sweets are perfect to have on hand for parties. A Baby Cakes Cake Pop Maker ensures consistency and speedy baking, but a tray with cake pop molds would work as well. Green candy melts and themed sprinkles as toppings make them festive. Get the recipe from Passion for Saving.

4. Shamrock Tortilla Chips

No need to wait until Cinco de Mayo for chips and dip. All you need to make chips fit for St. Patrick’s Day are spinach tortillas, olive oil, salt and a shamrock cookie cutter. Get the recipe from Spiced.

5. Green Mac And Cheese

Everyone loves macaroni and cheese, and this festive version manages to sneak in some healthy veggies. Thanks to broccoli and peas, it’s bright green and free of any food dyes. Get the recipe from Weelicious.

6. Green Ombre Cake

Thanks to a handy green tinting guide from McCormick, dying batter is now foolproof. The result in this case is a beautiful layer cake spanning the green spectrum from pale to saturated. Get the recipe from I am Baker.

7. Leprechaun Punch

This refreshing punch contains only three ingredients. Pineapple juice, Hawaiian Punch in Green Berry Rush and Sprite combine to create a fun shade of neon green. Get the recipe from DIY Thrill.

8. St. Patrick’s Day Jello Parfait

You can make these pretty, personalized dessert cups ahead of time. In fact, they only require two ingredients, Lime Jell-o and Cool Whip. Get the recipe from Life Love Liz.

9. Healthy Fruit Skewers

These fruit skewers prove party food can be fun, festive and healthy. Grapes, kiwis, melon and green apples look pretty and taste delicious. Get the recipe from Get Creative Juice.

10. Rainbow Bars

If you don’t have a rainbow, you can’t find a pot of gold at the end. By swapping Fruit Loops for Rice Krispies, you guarantee at least one rainbow at your St. Patrick’s Day. However, the pot of gold is still up in the air. Get the recipe from Bloom Designs.

11. Pot O’Gold Fruit Rainbow

You can get a taste of the rainbow with a full spectrum of fresh fruits. This rainbow comes complete with a pot of gold, which is a yummy a lemon cheesecake dip in this case. Get the recipe from Julie’s Eats and Treats.


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