Kid Steals Baby Jesus During Christmas Play

Who knew the Nativity story could be so funny?

Watching kids perform is always a heartwarming, not to mention often hilarious experience. From adorable concerts for “sold out” crowds in their own backyard, recitals gone wrong to kids who would clearly rather be anywhere else, the littlest performers have a way of stealing the show. The situation was no different during a recent nativity play at the First Baptist Church of White Pine in Tennessee.

Everything seemed to be going fine, until one little girl playing a sheep decides she’s had enough of performing a supporting role and decides to take it upon herself to quickly become the star. She accomplishes this by grabbing baby Jesus and starting to dance with him. Luckily for us, the whole adorable and hilarious incident was caught on camera. Check out the cute clip below:


Although this little girl clearly went off script, the audience finds the whole thing pretty entertaining, as the adults can be heard trying to suppress their laughter. After a bit, the child playing Mary decides she’s had enough of the scene-stealing sheep and attempts to bring baby Jesus back to where he was laying. The sheep is not going down without a fight, however, and a brief struggle ensues before an adult steps in to break it up. Too funny!

The parents of the tots involved say they were not surprised by what went down.

Tana Benson, mom of Teegan, who stole the baby Jesus, said her daughter and Collia Weems, who played Mary, are actually good friends. She described her daughter as a “spunky, strong-willed streetheart,” and said Collia is a “stickler for the rules.”

“It was so hilarious because both girls were being true to their nature and just being themselves,” Benson told ABC News.

Benson said she and Collia’s mom shared a good laugh over the hilarious incident. We think these kids have a future in show business!