‘Kiddle’ Is Google’s New Search Engine, Made Just For Kids


If you worry about the limitless ways your kids can use Google to search for the really curious things in life like “dirty jokes” and “boobs” – worry no more.

New search engine, Kiddle, allows kids to search in a safe place.  Search results, curated by editors and Google SafeSearch promises parents that the content will be appropriate.

It even goes as far to block “bad” words all together.  For the record, Mr. Robot says ‘boobs’ is a bad word.


Just like Google, Kiddle allows kids to do a Web, image, news or video search. Once a child enters a query into the search bar, Kiddle pulls up a list of related, visually appealing links – more pictures, bigger font.

Tech Times explains, the first one to three results will display safe sites and pages that are written specifically for kids that are handpicked and checked by the editors.

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The next several results will feature handpicked and editor-checked sites with content that is written in simple language young children will understand.

After that, the content is still filtered by Google SafeSearch but may not be specifically tailored for children.

So, let’s say your middle-schooler loves him some Yeezus.  A ‘Kanye West’ search on Kiddle, will result in benign things like Yeezie’s birthday and bio, rather than gossip about his behind the scenes f-bomb-filled temper tantrums.

Kanye West _ Kiddle-1

The thirteen year-old inside me couldn’t help but test Kiddle – so I furiously typed every “back of the school bus” phrase I could think of and darn it if that robot didn’t stop me in my tracks every single time.  If parents do find a word or phrase that they deem inappropriate, Kiddle has an onsite form to request keyword blocking.

Think of Kiddle as the search engine equivalent to the grumpy chaperon at your kid’s middle school dance.  Not fool-proof, but can help parents relax just a little – and kids, try as you might, no funny business.

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