Toddlers face off in the ‘Tour de France’ of kid racing

Watching toddlers doing pretty much anything is a recipe for hilarious videos. Pit toddlers in a race against each other and you have yourself a viral story. That’s exactly what the Wall Street Journal has on its hands after it took a look at the world of balance-bike racing:

What Is A Balance Bike?

What is a balance bike you ask? It is apparently the latest craze in teaching kids how to ride bicycles. When you and I were kids, we learned to ride bicycles by first using training wheels and then getting shoved down a hill. Then our parents watched in a mix of terror and amusement as we crashed to the pavement in spectacular fashion until we got the hang of it.

But balance bikes take a different approach. Children sit astride the pedal-less bike and propel it forward by basically running with it between their legs. While I think the whole “running with something between your legs” motion more closely mimics people playing college Quidditch, the movement has caught on as the new way to teach kids to ride bikes.

Off To The Races

The ability of children to quickly pick up balance-bike riding means children can race them. Of course this means ESPN can cover them, which means it is now officially a sport.

Strider, the company that makes balance-bikes, now holds races across the country. They divide the young racers into age groups and unleash them and their adorable helmets on a 600-foot course.

Strider Bikes

The Wall Street Journal described the race as “a combination of Sesame Street and Mad Max” and said the atmosphere was “a soccer game and a pizza party.” If that doesn’t sound like a good time, then I don’t know what does.

The Strider Cup World Championships are later this summer. So if you have a child who might have fun, now might be the time to get them on a balance bike. And who knows, maybe they will add a race for adults. I have a feeling the kids would put us to shame.