Watch These Cute Kids Freak Out When They Learn They’re Going To Disney World

Trips to Disney World are exciting for the whole family. But for parents, the best part might be telling the kids about an upcoming trip.

Pastor Kevin Miller and his wife, Jennifer, surprised their three children with a vacation to Disney World, and the way they broke the news—and their kids’ reactions—are priceless.

Kevin and Jennifer told the kids they were having a family game night, and the children sat down to play a game of Beat the Parents: Disney Edition. Of course, they let the kids win and then told them they could find their prize in a hat. Each child reached into the hat and discovered folded sheets of paper.

They were told to open the folded papers at the same time, and when they did, they read, “You have a vacation to Disney World.”

Major laughter and tears ensued!

The two older daughters exclaimed, “Oh my gosh! Disney World?!” Their little brother chimed in with “Oh my gosh,” to feel included, even though he seemed a little too young to completely understand what was going on until his dad said, “We’re going! We’re going to Disney World.”

Then, it was time for the entire family to celebrate!

After more laughing and tears of joy, the son said, “Are we doing that now?” Because clearly, it’s hard to not have an “Are we there yet?” situation on your hands when you tell kiddos that a trip to Disney is on the horizon.

Luckily for the rest of us, the parents caught this sweet reveal on camera—because their excitement couldn’t be more adorable. And hey, if any parents out there needed ideas for ways to tell their kids about an upcoming vacation, this will surely serve as all of the inspiration you need!

There are plenty of videos of kids becoming overjoyed at the news of a Disney vacation, but this one takes the cake. A Disney-themed game, Disney-themed snacks and then a surprise trip to Disney World? It just doesn’t get better than that.

Watch the most exciting part of the night unfold in this video below: