This Kid’s Hilarious Reaction To Someone Stealing His Chips Is Going Viral

It’s one of those universal human truths—right up there with the fact that we all need food, shelter, love and acceptance, yadda yadda—that, even if we say it’s OK, none of us really, truly loves to share our food. We’ll do it, of course (probably because of that pesky aforementioned need for love)—but begrudgingly. Very begrudgingly.

This reluctance to share really comes to a head when a) we’re starving and b) we’ve just started digging into one of our favorite foods. Like, give me a second to stuff my face before you ask for a bite, mmmk?

The problem is some of us “will just have a salad,” yet just cannot resist asking for a small taste of our dining companion’s burger and fries when their order arrives. Just a little bite. Most of us are decent at hiding our irritation with the sticky fingers in our lives. We sigh and share when in reality we’d like to grab our chips/chocolate/whathaveyou and consume them in entirety alone in a corner.

And that’s where this kid comes in. Being a child, he’s exempt from the pretense of being polite, which is why he has no shame in staring down his dining companion who dares to steal a chip from his supply.

He says nothing but his face speaks volumes: “Oh no, you did NOT just take that chip. AND you dared dip it in my guac?”

This video has been making the rounds on social media. It’s been viewed more than 33 million times on Facebook alone, and for good reason. This kid should be the new spirit animal of the entire human race. It’s about time we stopped moochers in their tracks, one tiny and adorable death stare at a time.

Keep fighting the good fight, little chip man. We’re with you.





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