Separated Biological Brothers Reunite, Realize They Live 15 Minutes Apart, Went To Same College

For many adopted children, getting to know their biological families can be a lifelong, but frequently challenging, wish. Not all adoptions are open and over a lifetime families often move, change addresses and go in different directions. But for 20-year-old Kieron Graham, the process proved to be smoother and even more stunning than he expected.

Taken in at just three months old by his adoptive parents, Tim and Sarah Graham, Graham eventually grew curious about his biological family—so just a few weeks ago, to try and help Graham reconnect with his biological family, Sarah bought him a DNA test from Ancestry.

Once Graham completed the test, Ancestry identified a strong genetic link with another user in their database. After seeing the user’s name, Graham looked him up on Facebook and took a chance by reaching out to the man he thought was his biological brother.

“This is going to sound so wild…” Graham wrote 29-year-old Vincent Ghant in a Facebook message that he later shared on Twitter, “but I think you’re my brother.”

After the two compared a few details, as you can see in the Facebook message exchange above, Ghant wrote back: “OMG YES!!! You are my brother … This is crazy.”

According to ABC News, the two brothers met for the first time that same night, and Graham got to meet his new sister-in-law and niece, too. To make things even more crazy, Graham and Ghant live just 15 minutes away from each other in Georgia, attended the same college and even pursued the same major (political science) at Kennesaw State University!

Graham shared a picture of the unexpected reunion on Twitter, and I’m already voting for it as the best holiday snapshot of the year:

Since that first reunion, Graham has also met his birth mother and her youngest son, as well as another brother from his father’s side of the family, according to his tweets. And since meeting, Ghant and Graham told ABC News, they’ve seen each other nearly every day.

What’s next for these newly united brothers? Ghant told ABC News he’s looking forward to “creating a strong bond and taking this relationship to the next level.”

“Just letting it blossom into something bigger,” Ghant said. “Our families have become huge because of this now. Since last week we’ve been inseparable.”

Just look at the sweet little niece Graham never knew he had:

It’s safe to say this will be one of the best holiday seasons yet for both men.