Kim Kardashian and Kanye West expecting third baby in January

Are you a “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” fanatic? Perhaps you’re more of a Yeezus devotee. Either way, we have some exciting news for you. Reality TV mogul Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West are now expecting a third child together. The newest addition to their family will reportedly be welcomed into the world in January.

The littlest member of the Kardashian-West clan is being carried via a surrogate because Kardashian has a condition called placenta accreta, in which the placenta attaches itself too deeply into the wall of the uterus. The condition can lead to premature birth of the baby as well as hemorrhaging in the mother. If the hemorrhaging is severe enough, it can be life-threatening. Because Kardashian suffered from placenta accreta as well as pre-eclampsia during her first two pregnancies, her doctors advised her that carrying a third child would be too risky.

If you watch KUWTK, you know that the decision to conceive a third child and use a surrogate was not one that Kardashian took lightly. She met with fertility specialists and even interviewed a mom who had a child through surrogacy about her experiences with the process.

Despite the risks, Kardashian was determined to grow her family, which already includes 1-year-old Saint and 4-year-old North. Here’s what a source recently told People:

Given her health scares in the past, Kim felt the need to hire a surrogacy agency that helped serve as the liaison in finding a healthy woman who would be a great surrogate option for her and Kanye. Both of them have been super involved in the process. They want everything to be perfect and for the baby to be extremely healthy. They don’t want any complications and Kim is providing an ideal eating regimen and diet so everyone knows what the baby is consuming before it’s born.

The couple is reportedly paying their surrogate $45,000 to carry their child. Their agreement stipulates that the surrogate cannot smoke, drink, do drugs, eat raw fish, go in hot tubs or dye her hair.

“I’d just love nothing more than to expand my family and just know that I have this world at home that’s safe,” she explained on an episode of her reality show. “And if for some reason I left this earth sooner than I really wanted to, then my kids would have a support system at home so that I know that they would be okay if I wasn’t here.”

For his part, West is no doubt excited about the prospect of another child as well, having previously dished to his mother-in-law and Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner on her talk show about the way fatherhood changed his outlook on life.

“There were times [after his mother’s death], I would put my life at risk,” he said. “I didn’t have something to live for. Now I have two very special people to live for, a whole family to live for, a whole world to live for,” he said.

Congrats to the growing family!