Kinder Eggs are finally coming to the U.S. on Black Friday

Hunting for Easter eggs and unveiling the hidden surprises inside of each egg can bring immense joy. Now, imagine being able to recreate that feeling as often as you’d like. Because now that Kinder eggs are finally coming to the U.S. market, you’ll be able to do just that.

The Kinder Joy will hit the shelves at Walmart on Black Friday! You’ll be able to pick up this fun treat at Walmart throughout the holiday season. It will expand to other retailers after that, according to a Walmart representative.

So, what is a Kinder egg, exactly? Well, if Cadbury Eggs (with those delicious creme-filled centers) also held a toy inside, they’d be Kinder eggs. Because a Kinder egg is basically the best mash-up of edible and play-able surprise.

These candies are huge in other parts of the world—the most popular version is the Kinder Surprise, which doesn’t package the toys separately from the candy as the U.S. version will—and they’re bound to be a hit in America, too. According to Fortune, the candy originated back in 1974 as a play on the Italian tradition of concealing toys inside of large chocolate eggs to celebrate Easter.

This is something that companies have tried to bring to America in the past, but due to FDA regulations against having a “non-nutritive object” inside the candy and recalls, it’s been impossible until now.

The Kinder Joy, which the company’s made since 2001, will launch in the U.S. this month and will come with packaging that keeps the toy separate from the food to uphold FDA regulations.


This will be available in grocery stores and drug stores nationwide and will be comprised of two sealed halves, each containing a very special surprise. One half will house the toy, and the other will hold milk-creme and cocoa flavoring and wafer bites. It’s meant to be eaten with a spoon, so talk about a decadent treat!

“Kinder is the second largest confectionery brand worldwide behind Cadbury,” Martino Caretto, director of institutional affairs at Ferrero, told Fortune in an interview. “We hope in time to catch the number one spot with more expansion of Kinder outside of Europe.”

Given how delicious this sounds, it could be quite easy for Ferrero, the company responsible for these treats, to take the top spot!

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Waiting until Black Friday could be tricky, considering you’re craving these, like, now. So, it’s a good thing that there are ways to bring this to life for yourself with an egg candy mold and delicious chocolate-y, sugar- sweet ingredients. You can find the full recipe to DIY Kinder Eggs for yourself while the countdown to 2018 begins!