Kindergartners cheer for classmate as he sprints home from the bus every day after school

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A Louisiana 5-year-old has plans to be the fastest kid alive. And he’s got a whole school bus full of kids cheering him on.

Each day when Xavier gets off at his stop, he sprints at top speed to his house, while fellow students from Carencro Bob Lilly Elementary School shout his name from the school bus windows. The joyful scene so moved the bus driver, Chad Desormeaux, that he filmed it one day and posted it to TikTok.

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Over 5 million TikTok viewers have gotten to witness the sweet scene of this little boy’s legs running as fast as they can carry him while his friends call to him.

“They get on one side of the bus and they scream Xavier’s name, ‘Go, Xavier, go!'” Xavier’s mother Tiffany told GMA. “That’s all we hear and that’s how we know they [are] outside. The bus from school is around the corner.”

Watch the video here:

@chaddesormeaux Xavier is a Kindergarten student that wants to be the fasted kid alive! Everyday on our bus. When I get to his stop, all the kids run to one side of the bus to cheer him on! #heartwarming #louisiana #busdrivers #fyp ♬ original sound – Chad Desormeaux

Due to Xavier’s young age, Desormeaux must wait to make sure he gets inside the home before pulling away. This is especially important because Tiffany sometimes has to work late shifts.

“We just wait for him to get to the driveway,” Desormeaux told GMA. “The kids made it a game where let’s see how fast he can run to get there. And the kids …  cheer him on to make him go faster.”

Judging by the comments, the response to the video has been overwhelmingly positive.

“And when he’s running in the Olympics he’ll still hear those little voices cheering him on,” wrote Leah Mondy, summing up the general sentiment.

Desormeaux has also received many positive reactions to the video.

“For the most part, which is really what I like about the video, it’s not so much focused on who was recording, it’s actually focused on Xavier, which was the biggest thing and so it’s been positive feedback,” Desormeaux told GMA. “I always say … ‘a child’s innocence is irreplaceable’ and [it] can’t help but cheer you up.”

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