Kindergartners Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ To A Hatching Chick And It Is Adorable

With all due respect to that time you were serenaded at Red Lobster, I think we may have found the most awesome version of the “Happy Birthday” song ever.

On Jan. 25, Twitter user Meaghan Fogarty posted a video of her mother’s kindergarten class watching a baby bird come out of its egg. And as if seeing a bunch of little kids watching a hatchling isn’t adorable enough (there are lots of squeals and “awwwws,” one “he’s so cute,” and one “he’s like, ‘who are these people?'”) the kids suddenly break out into a rendition of “Happy Birthday.”

“My mom’s kindergarten class watching a chick hatch and then singing happy birthday to it,” Fogarty wrote in the tweet.

But my favorite moment is actually at the end of the song, when this hilarious exchange takes place between two of the students:


“Not that loud!”

*whispers* “cha cha cha.”

Yeah, I can almost guarantee this is the cutest thing you will see all day. I think this Twitter user summed it up best:

The tweet has been viewed almost 10 million times, which is not surprising considering this video combines small children and a small animal. Especially if you don’t ask why there are so many other eggshells scattered around and don’t think about the less-cute hatching scene from “Jurassic Park” the whole time.

Anyway, Fogarty didn’t say what the class plans to do with the chick, but I kind of hope they keep him in the classroom and sing “Happy Birthday” to him every year.

Can’t get enough of people singing “Happy Birthday” to things much smaller than themselves? Here is a video of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson serenading his daughter. And if you still need your Justin Timberlake fix after the Super Bowl, here is a video of him singing to Ellen DeGeneres on her birthday.