Hot new game is like Cards Against Humanity for parents

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There’s a hot new game toy that’s bound to be on everyone’s holiday gift list this season—but this one’s not for the kids, it’s for the parents! The hilarious new card game KinderPerfect is basically like Cards Against Humanity, but with questions and answers that speak to the unique challenges that come with taking care of young kids (“Why is Daddy in timeout again?” “What is that smell?” “What is making things awkward in the PTA meeting?”).

Husband-and-wife team Wayan and Amy Vota loved playing Cards Against Humanity, but felt like the cards fell short of capturing their experience raising their two children, Hanalei and Archer. So, they made their own expansion pack focused on parenting.


“Like every parent, we love our kids, but they can drive us crazy,” the founders said in a statement. “It’s their antics, and those of other children that inspired many of the cards.”

Soon these parent-themed cards were all the Votas used on game nights. Their friends encouraged them to launch a Kickstarter campaign so they could bring their game to a wider audience of parents in need of a good laugh.

Last spring, they raised more than $20,000 from 800 backers on Kickstarter and began shipping the games soon after. Since then, KinderPerfect has snagged a spot in the list of Top 100 Card Games on Amazon, where it is currently sold out. Thankfully, it should be restocked in time for Black Friday shopping, and preorders for the new 400-card version are available on the KinderPerfect website now.

If you’re familiar with Cards Against Humanity or Apples to Apples, you already know how to play KinderPerfect. The “parent” player draws a question card and reads it aloud, and the other players submit the answer they think the parent will choose—the funnier the better! The parent reads the cards and picks their favorite combination. The winner then becomes the parent for the next round. According to the KinderPerfect website, “You win by amassing useless Answer Cards, just like in real life!”

Unlike its racy predecessor, KinderPerfect is not quite as shocking and potentially offensive. If you’re concerned, you can review the cards here before buying. So far, more than 700 parents have sent in 8,000 card suggestions.

The company is looking for new card ideas for elementary school and tween expansion packs. If you have one, you can submit your idea here. Take a look at a few of the cringeworthy, but hilarious, combinations below:

The card game is more than just laugh-out-loud fun. With KinderPerfect, the Votas hope to prompt meaningful discussions among groups of parents.

“We want KinderPerfect to be a family-friendly way for parents to laugh at the pain of parenting, and create a safe space for them to discuss the real challenges of raising kids,” the creators said in their statement.