Kindergartner’s Before And After First Day Of School Photo Is Going Viral

The first day of kindergarten is a big day for everyone involved—the teachers, the parents and of course, the students.

One little 5-year-old from Louisiana managed to make it through her first day of school. The cute hairstyle she left home with, however, did not.

Her mom may have had one idea of what the first day of kindergarten would be like for her little girl, but her daughter had another. She didn’t hesitate to redo her hair when it started to bother her during the school day.

“I had my daughter’s hair done Sunday evening for school that week,” the girl’s mother, Markeisha Simien, told Yahoo Beauty. “When she got out of school Monday evening, her hair was tore up. The style didn’t even last 24 hours.”

Kids will be kids, right?

Her daughter came out with a vastly different hairstyle than she went in with, and the mother couldn’t help but react to the change.

“I was waiting to see her, and see how her day was. When I saw that hair, my nerves got so bad,” the mom told Yahoo Beauty. “I didn’t know what to do. I was devastated, because I was wondering what happen to my baby? She said, ‘Mom, it was itching and I took it out.’ All I could say was, ‘oh my God.’”

Simien then posted a before and after photo with the caption “Before and after school CHRONICLES,” and the internet responded in a way the mother never expected.

The post went viral because apparently—tons of parents can relate to this hairstyle disaster.

“Recess and nap time was lit,” one person responded on Twitter.

Others thought it was hilarious that her hairstyle basically said, “It was a rough day.” And really—we’ve all been there.

It wasn’t long before Simien had completely forgiven her daughter for ruining her ‘do, and the mom had a laugh about it as she shared it with others on social media. But she certainly wasn’t expecting the post to go viral, and Simien took it down initially after posting.

“I picked my baby up from school at 3:30 p.m. and posted that picture by 4 p.m. at the latest. By 9 p.m. that night I had to take it down because it already had more than 40,000 likes and shares and it was scaring me,” she told Today.

But, after realizing people were relating to her daughter’s hair fiasco, she decided to repost the original image.

“When she took apart her hair, it frustrated me but it didn’t make me mad enough to where I was just angry, because I know she is a good girl,” Simien told Yahoo Beauty. “She’s made a lot of people in the world happy just by that post. I had numerous people in my inbox telling me how my daughter made their day. They were having bad days, and they saw her post and felt better. For her to bring joy to the world like that was good enough for me.”

Many people can relate to this little girl’s struggles, so that’s why she’s given the internet a good laugh—just as these other before-and-after school photos did.

Here’s to hoping the rest of kindergarten goes smoothly!