Ready For A New Holiday Tradition? Introduce Your Kids To ‘Kindness Elves’

Here is a sweet new holiday tradition that will teach children thoughtfulness and generosity. So-called “Kindness Elves” are charitable little cuties inspired by the wildly popular Elf on the Shelf, a mischievous guy who hides around your house in order to make sure that the kids are being good. The idea with Elf on the Shelf is that if he catches you misbehaving, then you won’t get as many presents on Christmas morning.

Well, some parents have taken issue with that message. They don’t like the idea that kids learn to be good in exchange for gifts. Rather, they want to teach their children the value of kindness without the kids learning to expect material goods in return.

Enter “Kindness Elves.” These elves have become popular in recent years, thanks in large part to blogger Anna over at The Imagination Tree.

The concept behind the Kindness Elf is simple. First, buy (or make) a cute elf. Have your kids help name the little guy/girl. Share a “Kindness Elves” message with them so that they understand the principle behind their new friend.

During the holiday season, place the elf around the house, along with a small note that will offer an idea of a kind act that your children can execute. Think small, but meaningful, activities that will encourage your children to be good to one another and to their community as a whole. For example, leave notes such as “Play with your little sister,” or “Help grandma carry in her groceries.”

Here are some free printable tags to help you get started!

What a beautiful idea for the holidays that is definitely worth spreading! Not only is this is a fun activity that kids will enjoy, but it also teaches children the true meaning of the season: sharing love and kindness with everyone around us.

It is a good reminder for kiddos (and parents) that the holiday season isn’t just about gifts and a long wish list, but rather about being our best selves and putting kindness first.

[h/t: Good Housekeeping]