Kit Kat Drumsticks are in stores now

Ice cream and candy bars are a natural pairing, so it was only a matter of time before another frozen candy bar treat hit grocery store freezers. Kit Kat Drumsticks are now available, and they look like the perfect marriage of the chocolate bar and the ice cream cone. Although freezing temperatures are currently gripping much of the nation, I have to admit that this still puts me in the mood for a frozen treat.

The cones have the signature chocolate shell of the original Drumsticks, but this version has Kit Kat wafer pieces mixed in.

For now, they only appear to be available in a four-pack from Kroger. Hopefully, they’ll be available at other retailers far and wide soon.

Yum! Images of the new snack were shared on Instagram by @snackgator:

“Break me off a piece of that KitKat…ice cream cone!” reads the caption. “The chocolate shell isn’t any ordinary chocolate shell…it’s got KitKat wafer pieces embedded into it! Full review on the blog!”

SnackGator’s review of the Kit Kat Drumsticks makes them sound just as delicious as they look:

“This ice cream is slightly thicker in consistency compared to a classic Drumstick cone and is a tad sweeter,” the reviewer wrote. “After a few bites, you’ll hit the rich fudge center, which is very comparable to the Drumstick fudge center (if not identical). The cone itself is crispy, sugary, and lined with chocolate on the inside. Once you get to the bottom of the cone, you’re in for a treat because it’s filled with rich ‘chocolate-y nugget.'”

They note that the main difference between these Drumsticks and the traditional cones are the pieces of Kit Kat wafer in the chocolate shell. They suggest that the treat could be even better with the addition of Kit Kat pieces to the ice cream itself.

Are you excited to give Kit Kat Drumsticks a try?