Turn Your Radishes Into Mario-Themed Mushrooms With This Handy Gadget

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If you’re a fan of gaming and a fan of cooking, you’re in luck. You can now combine your love of Super Mario Bros. with your passion for playing with your food as soon as you get your hands on this special kitchen gadget that turns radishes into mushrooms.

The Ravanello Radish Shaper is sold on Animi Causa for just $11.99, and it’s super simple to use. All you have to do is slice off the top of the radish, and then press the flat side of the radish down onto the center of the radish shaper. You can then turn the radish to make a “mushroom stem,” and then you use the tip of the device to carve out some white polka dots on top.

It might not be a kitchen necessity, but this tool could be a great way to encourage your kids to eat their vegetables, especially if they’re fans of the Mario franchise. They could also be great appetizers for a party or gathering, whether it has anything to do with gaming or not.

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Sadly, the Ravanella Radish Shaper is currently on backorder until February, but in the meantime, you may also want to consider some other fun tools that can you get you in the Super Mario Bros. spirit. Consider tossing your radishes in Super Mario-themed salad, and top your dish off using these Super Mario Bros. Mushroom and Pipe Salt and Pepper Shakers.


Amazon sells these adorable salt and pepper shakers for just $13.98, and they’re inspired by the classic game: Fill up the 1-up red mushroom with salt while loading your warp pipe shaker with pepper.

You might not be able to spend all day by the TV playing your favorite video game, so why not take the fun with you into the kitchen?

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