10 Kitchen Gadgets That Will Keep You From Ever Ordering Takeout Again

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Most of us go out to eat or order takeout when we are craving something we can’t get at home. But what if we could make everything our hearts desire in the comfort of our own home, no expert chef skills necessary? With the right gadgets, anything is possible.

To kick your cooking skills up a notch — and to ditch all that takeout — check out these 10 kitchen gadgets that will have you preparing more of your own food at home.

1. Spiralizer

If you haven’t hopped on the spiralizing trend, it’s time to now. Turn zucchini, sweet potato, and other vegetables into a healthy pasta? I think yes! And if vegetable pasta isn’t enough to convince you, this gadget also can make french fries.


Amazon, $27.71

2. Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

Ice cream and cookies — two of the best dessert foods on earth. Make your own perfectly stacked ice cream sandwiches with these easy gadget, and you’ll never have to chase after the ice cream truck ever again.


Amazon, $4.99

3. Chip Maker

No need to load up on bags of unhealthy fried chips when you can make your own chips at home. The gadget includes a chip slicer for easy cutting, and all it takes is minutes in the microwave to have your own health-ified potato chips.


Amazon, $8.26

4. Dumpling Maker

No need for Chinese take out if you have your own dumpling maker. In addition to dumplings, this gadget can also make pierogis, pastries and more.


Amazon, $4.99

5. Quesadilla Maker

If you’ve ever had a late-night craving for a quesadilla, only to find that everywhere is closed, you need this quesadilla maker. It’s nonstick, and it prepares perfect quesadillas in less than five minutes.


Amazon, $25.82

6. Sushi-Making Kit

Sushi at home may seem like a challenge, but with this kit, preparing your favorite types of rolls is a breeze. Spicy tuna, anyone?


Amazon, $32.95

7. Popcorn Maker

Ditch the chemical-filled popcorn bags and make your own popcorn using real kernels. This microwaveable popcorn maker is BPA free, so you don’t have to worry about any unwanted carcinogens.


Amazon, $17.90

8. Omelet Pan

Omelet’s are a quintessential brunch item, but they can be tricky to perfect at home. This omelet pan ensures that your eggs are perfectly shaped and adequately cooked, so they’ll look as pretty as they taste.


Amazon, $12.42

9. Pizza Maker

Making a pizza seems much easier when it’s in its own little oven. In addition to making pizza, this kitchen gadget can also make other snacks and appetizers.


Amazon, $42.99

10. Stuffed Burger Press

Kick your barbecues up a notch with this burger press. In addition to making nicely shaped regular burgers, you can also make special burgers stuffed with cheese or other ingredients.


Amazon, $9.99

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