Watch This Kitten Climb Out Of A Pet Store Cage To Be With Puppy Pal

Cats and dogs aren’t always enemies. In fact, they can often like to play together, especially when they’re young. This kitten and puppy demonstrated true friendship goals when they risked all odds to be with each other.

A kitten and dog were kept on display in separate cages at the JoLinn pet store in Taiwan. And frankly, the kitty had had enough of it.

Jumping up and climbing over the glass, this tiny cat entered the dog’s cage so they could finally play together. Gone is the pane of glass between these two! Clearly, they’re the best of friends.

The separation anxiety was real for them, and it makes me feel anxious having to be apart from them, too. Does anybody want to fly me to Taiwan so I can purchase both of these pets to bring home with me? I’m pretty sure the three of us would get along just fine!

Take a look at this video to see the most adorable, death-defying act (on the kitty’s part), all in the name of friendship.

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Reunited and it feels so good!

While these pets are adorable, in general, it’s better to adopt animals instead of buying them, due to the way the harsh way pet store animals are often treated and cared for before ever reaching a store (Los Angeles recently banned the sale of all commercially bred cats and dogs for this reason).

So, if you’re feeling a little extra-generous, head down to your local shelter and make an animal friend of your own.

[h/t: The Dodo]