This Handy Chart Will Help You Understand All The Different Home Design Styles

Unless you’re an interior designer or someone who’s spent a lot of time remodeling your house, you probably don’t know much about design terminology. If you’re starting to look into making changes for your home, you may be overwhelmed by all the different words and phrases being thrown at you. What makes a Tudor a Tudor? What characterizes mid-century modern?

Since most of us can’t answer these questions off the top of our heads, we usually turn to Google, but now there’s an easier way to help you learn the basics. Part Select, an appliance parts and consumer electric parts shop, has created a lovely and informative infographic that’s the ultimate guide to the most popular and iconic home design styles.

So maybe you can recognize an English Tudor or a Georgian home, but you’re not really sure what characteristics make it one. This is where this guide comes in handy. For instance, a Colonial-style home features brick or wood siding, a medium-pitched roof, two windows on each side of the entry door, five windows on the second floor, and one window above the entry door.

In addition to pointing out distinct features of each home style, the infographic also breaks down the time periods in which these types of architecture were popular, as well as where the style originated.

Even if you’re not looking to make changes to your home or find a new place to live, it can still be useful to be aware of architectural features, especially because many of them still exist in buildings today.

What’s your favorite home style? It’s hard to choose just one. With an infographic like this, you can better understand what kind of features attract you and the history of where they came from.

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