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Did You Know Some Glad Containers Offer Two Lids In One?

This is quite the revelation!

Preparing for a week of lunches, dinners and more is about to get so much easier. Twitter user mamagraciee recently posted about her meal prep process. And the photos left the internet in awe over something so basic: Glad plastic container lids! She seemingly turned the lid into a two-in-one product.

You know that circle in the center of the lids that seems like a cool design feature? Well, it’s actually functional. It can hold a small container for dressing or something similar.

Many found this out for the first time with this picture. Followers expressed how truly shocked on social media.

“I literally had no idea that the circles on the glad lids were for the little circle containers. Mind blowing lol,” one person wrote on Twitter.

And many others shared this sentiment.

The photo made its rounds online, and even found its way to Facebook.

There, people shared how upset they were to have gone their whole life without knowing this nifty use for the lids.

“Kinda pissed I’m finding this out after 19 years of life,” one person wrote on Facebook, to which someone responded, “Same here at 40.”

Hey, better late than never, right?

Not so hidden Glad storage lid use?

Glad markets the fact that the containers have this feature right on its packaging, but many people still missed the memo.


Glad To Go Container Lunch Size, $9.68

The product description online reads, “Chips and dip. Yogurt and granola. Sushi and soy sauce. Classic pairings that would be ruined if you stored them together. Glad® To Go Snack containers feature a small reusable plastic container with a dressing cup that snaps into the lid to keep your condiments or toppings separated—and help keep your food protected—until you’re ready to mix ‘em up.”

And yet—who knew?!

Now that the world knows this feature exists, imagine all of the possibilities. Get excited for work this week—because your packed lunch game has never been so strong!