Did You Know The Lids From Plastic Cups Were Made To Do This?

The more you know.

I’ll admit it, I didn’t until I read about this novel use for the plastic lids of Starbucks cups, like the kind they use for iced coffee.

However, I’m not part of the Starbucks cult fan base, as I only visit there at Christmas time for their beyond-belief-fantastic hot chocolate. (The whipped cream is the key.)

So check it out. Did you realize the standard Starbucks lid was designed to be used as a drink coaster? Yep! pop ‘er off and there you go. Of course, it should be noted that this applies to other plastic cups beside Starbucks.

The secret the food industry doesn’t want you to know about

Starbucks lids make great coasters

So this is sort of a hidden design feature, right? It’s not the only product that has an added benefit hiding in plain sight.

Here are a few other secret features hidden in products:

A Chinese takeout dish folds out to a nice little plate:

Some pens have a hole in the cap so you can breathe if swallowed:

A soda can has a built in straw-holder:

No spoon for your apple sauce?  No problem.

Make the most out of your ketchup cup by unrolling the top rim.

A lot of pots have built-in spoon holders

Tic Tac containers have their own serving tray

Photo via Reddit

Most aluminum foil rolls have tabs that punch in to keep the roll in place

The gas indicator has an arrow that shows you what side of the car the tank is on (Perfect for rental cars)

fuel gauge photo
Photo by Sean MacEntee