Did you know that manatee mailboxes were a thing?

Manatee Mailbox
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Ever heard of a Manatee Mailbox? Me neither, but it sounds absolutely glorious. So I’m happy to say that, yes, Manatee Mailboxes are a real thing and they’re absolutely adorable.

Twitter user Marley recently tweeted about how her neighbor is a proud owner of one of these manatee mailboxes and, moreover, that he dresses it up throughout the year according to the season. She writes in her caption: “I’m kind of obsessed with it” and to be honest, aren’t we all?

The Florida-based business that sells these, fittingly called Manatee Mailboxes, makes not only manatee mailboxes, but also dolphin versions and baby manatee statues. These creations are handmade from fiberglass and have a gel coat and a beach sand finish. The outrageously cute mailboxes are also weatherproof and—as if that weren’t enough—designed by a Disney-trained artist.

Though the mailbox works-of-art aren’t cheap (the 5-foot manatee mailbox is $595, the 5-foot dolphin is $395 and the 3-foot baby manatee statue is $200), the business works in affiliation with the Save The Manatee club, so it’s a purchase in the name of a good cause.

As the official Manatee Mailbox website says, these mailboxes “bring cheer and a laid-back ocean feel to your home.” Who wouldn’t want that?

While the mailboxes have brought many smiles, they’ve also somehow managed to piss some people off. Or at least it would seem so. Back in 2012, in Pennsylvania, a woman had her manatee mailbox stolen and then beaten and dismembered before being returned to her. She claimed that in the seven years she’d owned the manatee, locals had smashed it with golf clubs and attempted to set it on fire on more than one occasion. Who could do such a thing?

At any rate, don’t let the haters get you down. If you’re a lover of manatees, dolphins or even the ocean and animals in general, don’t hesitate to get yourself one of these eye-catching mailboxes. You’ll certainly be the talk of the town.

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