What you need to know about the ‘Paper Challenge’


So many internet trends, so little time. With the fast-paced rate at which challenges come and go online, there’s hardly time to try them all. And now there’s a new one—the “Paper Challenge.” And while we’re not exactly sure how the “Paper Challenge” got its start, it certainly has become very popular very quickly. If you’re thinking of giving this one a go, here’s what you need to know.

The “Paper Challenge” is actually pretty simple. All you have to do is fold a sheet of paper like a tent and put it on the ground. Then, planting just one foot solidly on the ground, try to pick up the sheet of paper with your mouth. You can’t let your hands or any other body part touch the ground until you’re standing back up with the sheet of paper.

Not surprisingly, this one has taken off in the fitness community, as it’s quite the test of both strength and balance. And as far as internet trends go, it could definitely be worse—the “Tide Pod Challenge” comes to mind, for example.

See the “Paper Challenge” in action below. When done successfully, it’s very impressive. And otherwise, it’s just plain hilarious! This first woman looks like a pro:


We didn’t think this guy was going to make it, but he surprised (and impressed) us all:


It took awhile for this team to find success:


Such grace!


Internet challenges aren’t all bad. For instance, the “Ice Bucket Challenge” was hugely popular, and was started in order to raise awareness for ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Thanks to all those who participated, the online trend was able to raise millions of dollars to fund ALS research.

While the “Paper Challenge” may not be for a great cause like the “Ice Bucket Challenge,” it does look like a lot of fun.

This tweet perfectly sums up our feelings about the latest fad:

Because, yes—even if you’re “too old for this,” this challenge may be hard to resist!

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