The Kodama Zome Is The Coolest Thing To Happen To Yards In A Long Time

Kodama Zomes

‘Tis the season to spend as much time as possible outside. Maybe you’re looking to update your outdoor space or you’re just looking for the perfect place to relax while sipping on your favorite wine. Either way, we may have just found your answer. Let us introduce you to the Kodama Zome.

Say Hello To the Kodama Zome

This oversized outdoor swinging lounger may make you averse to ever going inside again.

The large and stylish geometric steel frame suspends from just a single point. This means when you’re relaxing in this lounger, it’ll sway in the most smooth and comforting way. And don’t think that you have to relax by yourself! Invite your family to join you, as the swinging lounger can support up to 600 pounds.

It also comes fitted with a mattress and cushions that are made of outdoor-friendly material that will be able to endure the elements. Plus, the whole set up is relatively lightweight, weighing just 110 pounds.

The Kodama Zome comes in five different colors, including two shades of gray, green, blue or orange.


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