Kohl’s new collection celebrates Black culture and history


In celebration of Black History Month, Kohl’s is launching a spotlight collection commemorating Black culture and history. A newly created group of Kohl’s associates called the Diversity Design Council came together to develop and curate products that promote diversity, are culturally relevant and focus on unity, allyship, kindness and hope.

The collection includes clothing, such as graphic tees for everyone ranging from $13 to $15. Other items include accessories, home decor and “little extras,” like buttons, greeting cards and water bottles, all under $30.


“Our goal at Kohl’s is to serve all families, and families come in all shapes and sizes and colors,” Kohl’s Senior Vice President of Product Design and leader of Kohl’s Diversity Design Council, Katherine Finder, said in a statement. “We want all customers to truly feel like they belong at Kohl’s.”

“We have a lot of diverse perspectives across the incredibly talented team that makes up Kohl’s design community,” Finder continued. “To create the products that will resonate with diverse customers, this merchandise really needs to come from an authentic place throughout the entire design cycle from inspiration to execution, which is exactly what the Diversity Design Council is all about.”


Members of the council spoke about the inspiration behind their designs and their roles in creating pieces for the collection in a video on the retailer’s YouTube channel.

“For me, Black History Month means a time to pause and reflect on all of the great accomplishments of the great Black pioneers who came before me and on whose shoulders I stand today,” said Garland Godfrey, an art manager at Kohl’s and member of Kohl’s Diversity Design Council.

“My art was inspired by Black people and our rich culture,” said Electa Royal, an assistant designer at the retailer who is also a member of the Diversity Design Council. “The unity within our community is what keeps us moving forward, and that is what I tried to capture in my designs.”


While the products will be featured during Black History Month, they will be available as an ongoing part of Kohl’s product line. Kohl’s also carries a variety of Black-owned and Black-founded beauty and wellness brands. You can check out the entire new collection here.

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