Kraft is now selling its Deluxe Mac and Cheese frozen

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Kraft Mac & Cheese is moving beyond the pasta aisle and into to the freezer section of grocery stores for the first time ever.

The brand’s new Mac & Cheese Deluxe Frozen meal turns the brand’s Deluxe line of products into a ready-to-heat single-serve dish. Available in Original Cheddar and Four Cheese, the meals are pre-cooked and simply need to be heated in the microwave for a much quicker way to enjoy the comfort food.

Kraft says in a press release that both flavors are made with “perfectly cooked macaroni pasta covered in a creamy, homestyle cheese sauce and topped with real cheddar cheese.” The products are in stores including Target right now where they are currently priced at $3.49 each.


Although it’s nearly almost summer, Kraft is celebrating the new product launch with a limited edition sweater to keep you warm while you shop the freezer aisle. Available on Amazon for $19.99 while supplies last, it buttons up and has images of snowflakes and macaroni noodles.


While this is the first time Kraft Mac & Cheese has been available as a pre-made frozen product, there are a handful of other brands that already make frozen macaroni and cheese.

For single-serving dishes, you’ll find Lean Cuisine, Michelina’s and Marie Callender’s, while Stouffer’s makes both a single-serving entree and a party-size that serves 10.

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You can also make your own mac and cheese and freeze it yourself so you can have an easy and quick meal whenever you need it.

Rachel Ray has a recipe for freezer-ready macaroni and cheese if you want to follow specific directions, or you can simply make your favorite recipe and then freeze it.

Just follow a recipe like this one for smoked gouda mac and cheese or Disney’s ultimate mac and cheese recipe, then let it cool, portion it into freezer-safe bags or storage containers and that’s it. The blog Bake it With Love also has some tips for freezing pasta if you want to make sure you’re doing it correctly.

Will you be trying Kraft’s new frozen mac & cheese?

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