Krispy Kreme is releasing a new dessert line with flavors like Banana Pudding

Krispy Kreme

When it comes to dessert, it seems like there are endless options — pie, cake, ice cream. But the best desserts are those that are combined because, honestly, what is cake without ice cream?

Now, Krispy Kreme is taking dessert combinations to a new level with a brand new dessert doughnut collection featuring doughnut versions of three classic desserts: Banana Pudding, Coconut Cake and Mississippi Mud Pie.

The doughnuts are available through June 24 at participating shops nationwide. They can be ordered individually or in a Dessert Dozen, which looks like it includes three of each new doughnut and three glazed doughnuts.

Krispy Kreme

If banana pudding is one of your go-to desserts, the banana pudding doughnut looks like a must-try. Not only is it filled with banana pudding, but it’s also dipped in light yellow icing and topped with Kreme. If your favorite part of banana pudding happens to be a vanilla wafer, you’re in luck because the doughnuts are also topped with three mini cookies!

If chocolate is your thing, the Mississippi Mud Pie Doughnut is filled with Chocolate Pie Kreme, then dipped in chocolate icing. It is then topped with cookie and graham crumbles and finished with a marshmallow drizzle.

The simplest of the three, the Coconut Cake Doughnut is a cake doughnut topped with cream cheese icing and then dipped in shredded coconut.

Krispy Kreme

While these three flavors are new to Krispy Kreme, indulgent doughnuts overall are not. Along with the usuals like glazed, chocolate and cinnamon sugar, they also have a handful of other dessert-like treats you can eat any time of day.

On their menu, you’ll find a doughnut filled with dulce de leche (a caramel-like confection), one filled with cheesecake and even a cake batter doughnut, which is filled with cake batter Kreme and topped with yellow icing and bright confetti sprinkles.


Which of Krispy Kreme’s three new dessert doughnuts will you be trying first?

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