Krispy Kreme Is Letting Fans Vote On Their Next Glazed Doughnut Flavor

If you’re a huge fan of Krispy Kreme doughnuts (and who isn’t?!), then you’re going to love this: For the first time ever, the company is letting fans vote on the next glazed doughnut flavor. From now until Jan. 22, fans can vote for one of four flavors to become a reality at the doughnut chain. Will it be blueberry, lemon, caramel or maple? The choice is yours!

It’s easy to vote, too. All you have to do is go to the Vote For Glaze website and select the flavor you’d love to eat the most. Each person is allowed to vote once per day. Decisions, decisions…

Krispy Kreme

Once the people have spoken and a flavor has been chosen, the culinary masters at Krispy Kreme will bring the winning flavor to life. It will then be sold for a full week in Spring 2018 at participating Krispy Kreme locations, according to a press release.

This isn’t the first time the doughnut company has enhanced their original glazed doughnut — they did make a very special chocolate glaze in honor of the solar eclipse, for example — but it is the first time they’ve let their customers get involved with the process.

“In 2017, our fans responded with tremendous enthusiasm regarding how we innovated around our Original Glazed Doughnut. We turned it green for St. Patrick’s Day. We eclipsed it with mouth-watering chocolate glaze for the total solar eclipse. And we sweetened it with warm gingerbread molasses to create a new holiday glazed favorite,” Jackie Woodward, Chief Marketing Officer of Krispy Kreme, said in a press release.

Krispy Kreme photo
Getty Images | Tim Boyle

It’s hard to beat the original glaze, but we have a feeling these four flavor options will be delicious. Besides, they’ll only be around for a limited time. So, that’s enough reason to get a dozen of ’em right there (not that you needed much of an excuse)!

Now, go out and cast your votes. May the best flavor win!