Kristen Bell Stars In New Murder Mystery Podcast

The popularity of podcasts continues to grow, with celebrities even cashing in on America’s newest obsession. From Anna Faris to Ricky Gervais and even Shaq, there is no shortage of these updated versions of talk radio. And starting Oct. 3, you can add actress Kristen Bell to that list. Is there anything she can’t do? Bell is teaming up with a slew of other celebs to bring listeners “Deadly Manners,” a dark comedy murder mystery podcast.

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Think 1940’s radio drama, like “The War of the Worlds“, without all the panic (hopefully).

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The show is set in the winter of 1954 and follows the events of an annual dinner party at the home of the wealthy Billings family. When a snowstorm traps all their guests, someone starts murdering people. Of course. I mean, really, what else is there to do during a snowstorm?

Over the course of 10 episodes, you’ll try to solve the case along with the rest of the characters inside the house. It sounds an awful lot like “Clue,” a 1985 comedy film based on the board game of the same name. And in that case, we are so in.

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“Deadly Manners” also stars Denis O’Hare, Alisha Boe, RuPaul, Timothy Simons, Michelle Visage, Alona Tal, David Cummings and is narrated by LeVar Burton. You’ll likely recognize his voice from the show “Reading Rainbow”—though we’re assuming it’s a little less child-friendly this time. Any one of them could be the murderer, and we can’t wait to see who it is!

Dying for some “Deadly Manners”, but can’t wait until it premieres? Check out the trailer right now!

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