This Labradoodle Tried to Protect Her Family From Her Own Reflection

Some dogs are bred to protect their families. Others are goofballs whose main purpose seems to be making their owners laugh. And then there’s this Labradoodle who managed to do both in a 30-second video clip that’s gone viral on the internet.

Meet Jolene, a Denver-based Labrador retriever and poodle mix, who is surprised to see a dog in the mirror and doesn’t quite catch on that she’s looking at her own reflection.

While some dogs would simply bark at this intrusion by a dog they don’t recognize, Jolene playfully bows, darts back and forth, crouches and paws at the mirror in the charming clip that was posted to her Instagram account. She even turns to look at the camera towards the end, as if to ask her owner, “Who’s that?”

She seems to take the job of protecting her family very seriously!

This isn’t Jolene’s first foray into cute dog videos or internet celebrity, either. The canine, whose name is a reference to the Dolly Parton song, has over 50,000 followers on an Instagram account where she goes by the name “Jolene the Dolly Doodle.” She also has a Facebook presence where fans can watch videos of her, like this one of her romping through the snow with a friend.

As a Colorado dog, Jolene’s adventures include lots of hiking and photo ops in front of scenic vistas, but she also has a soft spot. When her hoo-man brother volunteered at a senior living facility, she accompanied him and made friends with all of the residents!

Like many other pets, Jolene gets into mischief on occasion, too — like that time she was caught eating out of the trash. Fortunately, her owner captured Jolene’s guilty expression for the world to see.

Check out more of Jolene’s cutest moments on her Instagram and Facebook accounts.