Labrador retriever collects 155 flying discs from her local park

Daisy the dog surrounded by colorful discs at park
Facebook/Grand Vue Park

Daisy loves discs.

A yellow Labrador retriever from West Virginia has become adept at finding flying discs lost in the brush at a popular outdoor park. The 4-year-old good girl has collected more than 155 since she started hunting for them when she was about six months old.

Her owner, Kelly Mason, told The Washington Post that Daisy just seems to have a natural affinity for sniffing out the plastic discs that disc golfers have lost at Grand Vue Park in Moundsville, West Virginia. Mason regularly takes Daisy there for walks on the four miles of paths around the park’s two disc golf courses.

Mason also told local TV station WTRF that Daisy can find three or four discs in one day but then go weeks without finding any.

“So, whenever her nose is busy, she finds them,” she said.

Here’s a picture of her, as posted to Facebook by her owner.

Not wanting to leave the plastic on the ground, Mason has brought home all the discs Daisy found over the past few years. She collected them in a box until the idea arose to sell them as a fundraiser for Grand Vue Park.

Owners of discs with names and numbers on them are being contacted to see if they wanted their discs back. They also get the option to donate to the Marshall County Animal Rescue League. Unclaimed, unidentified discs will go on sale in September, with proceeds going to benefit the disc golf courses.

“Looking for your disc!? Daisy may have found it!” posted Grand Vue Park to its Facebook page on May 30.

“I believe she can smell them, and that’s why she immediately starts for them and sniffs them out,” Ben Bolock, the park’s assistant general manager, told The Washington Post. “She’s an incredibly smart dog.”

Daisy is in training to be a therapy dog at nursing homes, schools and libraries, and Mason says she’s very patient. She also lives with three cats and gets along well with them.

Good girl, Daisy!

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