Lacey Chabert will star in a new reality series for the Hallmark Channel

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Lacey Chabert continues her reign at the Hallmark Channel. The romantic movie queen, who has already made at least 35 TV films for the network, will now star in the channel’s first unscripted reality show.

The series is titled “Celebrations with Lacey Chabert” and it will follow the star as she works with party planners to throw parties for deserving kids and adults. Each episode features Chabert and her team creating these once-in-a-lifetime events in just three days, all with the help of family members and friends who want to surprise their loved ones.

Chabert also serves as an executive producer for the 10-episode series. According to Deadline, the show is expected to air at the end of 2024.

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“As a lifelong DIY enthusiast, I fell in love with party planning while coming up with creative ways to bring my daughter’s birthday parties to life,” Chabert said in a statement. “I am so excited to lend my love of crafts to create joyous moments for deserving people. This is going to be an epic party as we celebrate real-life heroes, complete with ups and downs that only unscripted television can capture.”

One of Chabert’s latest projects for the Hallmark Movie Channel is “A Merry Scottish Christmas.” The holiday movie reunites Chabert with Scott Wolf, her former costar from “Party of Five.” Once again, the pair play siblings, but this time they are estranged adults who must travel to Scotland to discover a family secret.

She’s also starring in “Haul out the Holly: Lit Up,” a sequel to 2022’s “Haul out the Holly.” She and the Evergreen Lane HOA are back to celebrate Christmas in their own unique way.

Chabert, who says she has “found a real home in Hallmark,” says she loves the channel’s programming because she knows it will leave viewers feeling good.

“I used to watch those Friday-night ‘ripped from the headlines’–type shows,” Chabert told Vulture in 2022. “I can’t watch that stuff now that I’m a parent. I want something that’s uplifting or funny or moving. When I have interactions with fans, they say the same thing.”

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With this new series, Chabert will add to her feel-good catalog at Hallmark — and treat some families who need extra cheer at the same time.

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