LaCroix Now Makes A Hibiscus-Flavored Sparkling Water

There’s a new flavor of LaCroix on the market, and it sounds pretty delicious. The sparkling water company took to Instagram to introduce the latest addition to its lineup: Hi-Biscus, inspired by the tea flower. It’s the first new flavor in nearly two years — since Key Lime was introduced back in September 2017.

The short animated video La Croix posted on Instagram shows a blank pink can that soon reveals the Hi-Biscus label.

“Thank you for the overwhelming response,” read the caption at @lacroixwater. “Please welcome LaCroix’s newest innovation HI-Biscus! HI-Biscus will soon be available starting in the Western United States.”

Back on May 10, LaCroix teased that a new flavor was on the horizon by posting an image of a blank pink can along with the caption, “HI, something new is coming 5.13.19. Share your best guess below”:

Fans obliged, and the comments were filled with a number of predictions about the new flavor, spanning everything from watermelon and strawberry to guava and pink lemonade. A few people even joked that it could be Pepto-Bismol or ham.

With the introduction of Hi-Biscus, there are now 25 LaCroix flavors in all. The bubbly beverage has a cult-like following, so it’s no surprise that fans have strong reactions to the new flavor reveal. Some people are totally into the idea, while others are definitely disappointed.

“Honestly heartbroken it’s not watermelon! Lol,” read one comment, from user @amberambience.

“I am intrigued,” declared @kyralhayes.

User @jennah.slayton, however, wrote in all caps: “IT FINALLY HAPPENED FLOWER FLAVOR LA CROIX I MIGHT CRY!!

Some excitement is only to be expected. People are so crazy about LaCroix, Publicspace even created a collection of swimwear devoted to the drink last year. It includes one-piece swimsuits for $49.50 and swim trunks for $39.50. The products are made with four-way stretch polyester spandex microfiber fabric and available in four flavors (colors): pamplemousse (grapefruit), lime, pure, passionfruit, lemon and cran-raspberry. Check out these quirky suits on @publicspace’s Instagram account:

That’s certainly one way to let everyone know how much you love your flavored seltzer!

Will you give Hi-Biscus LaCroix a try? We’re curious about whether it tastes as good as it sounds.