A look inside Lady Gaga’s stunning oceanfront estate

Can’t get enough of “A Star Is Born?”

Here’s something you might not know about the film. Bradley Cooper first met with Lady Gaga about the movie at her Malibu estate, and it was a truly magical meeting. Cooper watched the singer perform at a Los Angeles benefit in 2016 and was enchanted. Soon afterward, he went to her house to talk about the remake.

“‘She came down the stairs and we went out to her patio and I saw her eyes, and honestly, it clicked and I went, Wow,‘” Cooper told Vogue. Then, he recalled, “She said, ‘Are you hungry?’ and I said, ‘I’m starving,’ and we went into her kitchen for spaghetti and meatballs.”

After lunch, the two went into the living room and sang “Midnight Special” together, Gaga at her piano. Cooper recorded it all on his phone and used the video to get “A Star Is Born” approved by Warner Bros.

With that kind of inspiration, you have to give a bit of credit to the house. The mansion can be seen often in Lady Gaga’s Instagram account, and it was in the background of her 2017 Netflix documentary, “Gaga: Five Foot Two,” and in her September 2018 video interview with Vogue, “73 Questions with Lady Gaga.”

The latter was filmed on the colorful back patio of the five-bedroom, 12-bath home. Towards the end of the interview, when Lady Gaga is asked where she’d like to be in nine years, she responds, “I’d like to be right here.”

The Mansion Is In A Regular Neighborhood

Her six-acre property in Malibu stretches from Morning View Drive down to its edge overlooking the Pacific Coast Highway and the ocean, but it’s a surprise when you drive up to it.

“Lady Gaga’s house in Malibu is on a relatively nondescript road just off the Pacific Coast Highway, situated in what feels (for Malibu) like a normal suburban neighborhood,” as Vogue writer Jonathan Van Meter describes it.

These images are from the real estate listing used when Lady Gaga bought the home in 2014 for $22.5 million. You can imagine the star’s personal touches on the space and, with a little comparison to her social media, her documentary and interviews, see it yourself.

It Has A Long Driveway

Past the compound’s gates, the gravel driveway winds by the riding ring, barns and stables. In the Vogue story, Van Meter also mentions driving past “the giant barking dogs, Grandpa and Ronnie,” who are Gaga’s guard dogs.

The large driveway can be seen in many of Lady Gaga’s Instagram posts, where she poses with her cars, trucks and her dogs.

Gaga feared she’d lose the Malibu mansion during the Woolsey Fire in November 2018, and some parts of her property were damaged. She had to evacuate and wasn’t able to return for a period of time. But the home made it through the fire.

It’s The South Of France In Malibu

Van Meter placed the home correctly when he wrote it seems to belong in the South of France, because its listing in 2014, when Gaga bought it, also described it as “inspired by traditional homes in the South of France.” The home was designed by architect Steve Giannetti and built in 2006 by Finton Construction using some materials imported from Europe.

Wildlife Appreciates The Grounds, Too

There’s plenty of space on the compound for horses and dogs, and apparently, birds. Gaga caught an egret on video just outside of her front door. The tall white bird was hanging out in her bushes, and when it took off across her driveway, it didn’t go far. It must be happy there!

Gaga Adds Her Own Touches

Though the photos of the home The Agency shared are pre-Gaga, we know some of the decor remains the same. The blingy chandelier seen over the dining table in the photo below has made an appearance in her Instagram pictures, though in true Gaga style, she’s given it some extra design oomph for parties — in one case decorating it with roses.

It Has Designer Decor

Interior designer Madeline Stuart is responsible for the decor seen in the listing photos. Stuart is based in Los Angeles, and a lot of her work reflects Southern California’s unique architecture and design aesthetics.

The Enormous Living Room Offers Ocean Views

Van Meter writes in Vogue, “In her ballroom-size living room there is a grand piano and a giant modern pink blob sofa, and an even bigger pink rug.” There’s also “an enormous George Condo painting of a woman in a ball gown, her face obscured by smears and smudges” that reminds Gaga of herself.

Lady Gaga’s 2017 “Five Foot Two” documentary shows a glimpse of the living room as well, which has been extensively redesigned from what you see below in the listing photo.

Check out the ocean view from the living room window!

Lady Gaga Added The White Piano

We know Gaga brought one important new piece of furniture into the house. The songstress has installed her white piano in the dining room/living room, as seen in an Oct. 2015 Instagram post where she wrote, “As soon as I get home I run right to my piano.”


Gaga Cooks In The Kitchen

The artist, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, comes from an Italian restaurateur family, and she has kept up with cooking in her own life. She makes use of her kitchen’s top-of-the-line Wolf range and Subzero appliances, as seen in her documentary and in many Instagram posts showing herself cooking.

A November 2015 post of her filling homemade ravioli with butternut squash and basil from her garden shows she kept the dining table and chairs that are shown in the home’s listing photo below.

The Kitchen Hutch Remains

In Jan. 2017, Lady Gaga posed in workout gear near the hutch off to the back right of this photo. The Van Meter Vogue interview describes “boho-chic sofas” in the sitting room off of the kitchen. Whether that describes the ones seen in the listing photo below, we can’t tell.

This Sitting Area Is The Same

In her “Gaga: Five Foot Two” documentary, at about the 28-minute mark, the singer holds a meeting in the sitting room of the Malibu mansion, and much of the same furniture seen in the listing photos here seems to be the same. Gaga and her dogs can be seen just off to the left of this sitting area in a Jan. 2017 Instagram post.

It Has A Costume Room

The two-room “closet” referenced in the Vogue story might be what we see behind Lady Gaga in her “73 Questions” interview on her back patio. In the listing photo below, the area is staged as more of a sunroom. With so many windows and French doors, we suspect the “temperature-controlled room for costumes” she mentions to James Corden in Carpool Karaoke is perhaps in an adjoining room or another part of the house.

Gaga Gave The Patio Some Color

As Vogue’s “73 Questions with Lady Gaga” interview shows, the corner of the patio shown in the listing photo below isn’t the same. Gaga has added foliage and pops of color to the back patio, including bright blue hanging pots filled with cheerful pink flowers and large yellow and blue pots with trees, shrubs and flowers like climbing bougainvillea.

She Works Out On The Back Patio

Gaga’s back patio looks like a lovely place to soak in the ocean view, especially at sunset. But she uses the space for exercise, too. She shared a photo in January 2017 of one of her pre-Super Bowl workouts with a trainer that she did on her back patio.

It Has An Outdoor Fireplace

Another area in the back of the house has an outdoor stone fireplace.

She Decorates For Christmas

A Dec. 2016 video Lady Gaga shot of her dog Asia going downstairs on Christmas morning shows the pup running downstairs past garlands of greenery dotted with big pastel-pink bows to a big Christmas tree (next to a drum set — she is a rock star, after all!) that also has pastel-pink ornaments and a huge matching bow on top that’s sprouting pink feathers. It also gives a glimpse of a pink couch and rug in the large room.

The Master Bedroom Is A Sanctuary

Her spacious master bedroom upstairs is a place her pups seem to enjoy, if her Instagram posts are any evidence. The Instagram pic also reveals that she seems to have kept the sheer curtains around the bed and the cloth headboard.

The Master Bath Has An Ocean View

Of course, no mansion would be complete without an amazing master bath. This one also has an impressive view of the Pacific Ocean from the bathtub.

The Master Bedroom Has A Balcony

Outside her second-floor master bedroom is a large balcony. It looks like a terrific place to lounge.

The Backyard Extends To A Cliff

The balcony off the master bedroom also shows off the mansion’s backyard. The large, grassy space, which includes a pool, stretches to an oceanfront cliff’s edge facing Zuma Beach just across the highway.

There’s Plenty Of Pink

Since she moved into her house, Gaga has redone the cushions on the lounge chairs seen poolside in the listing photo below. They’re now a bright pink print. She described pink as a “relaxing color” in the Vogue interview.

The Pool Has A Jacuzzi

Soon after she bought the home, Lady Gaga posted a 2015 Instagram photo of herself sitting on the edge of its hot tub, writing, “In my gypsy palace I heal my soul.”

The Backyard Has, Or Had, A Bocce Court

While she’s posted poolside photos of herself lounging, eating and hanging out, none show her using the large bocce ball court that came with the home.

It Has A Vegetable Garden

Gaga added vegetable and flower gardens to her property after buying it. The vegetable garden seems to be pretty big. She posted on Instagram in April 2015, “Gardening in my home. This is my happy time with my roses.”

She Keeps Chickens, Too

She also tucked a chicken coop in, presumably somewhere near the stables where she keeps her horses.

She Has Horses In The Stables

The pop star definitely makes use of the stables on the property. Her horse Arabella lived there before she died in January 2019. And in Nov. 2017, Gaga posted a photo captioned “our new babies” of two foals in the stables. She posted another of the foals outside greeting another horse.

It Has An Entertainment Room

Downstairs in the home, there was a screening room and arcade games at the time it was sold to Gaga.

It Even Has A Bowling Alley

The entertainment area has two lanes for bowling. But the Western motif on the walls at the time of sale doesn’t seem very much like Gaga’s style. Maybe it’s more Jackson Maine’s style.

It Has A Wine Cellar

There’s also a large 800-bottle wine cellar in the basement, which the star gets to through a secret door. Since she has posted photos from the kitchen that include a glass of wine, we’re guessing she is using this.

There’s Room To Roam

Lady Gaga posted an Instagram photo of two of her dogs romping on the grass in her yard facing the ocean, captioning it “Heaven.” Another Instagram post with her puppy hopping through the grass shows they have plenty of room to run.

A photo of Gaga riding her late horse Arabella on a trail on the property shows that the pop star takes advantage of all her space.

A ‘Gypsy Palace’

In the Vogue interview, Gaga says she got rid of her place in New York and spends most of her time at the mansion in Malibu now. “This is my sanctuary,” she says in the story. “My oasis of peace. I call it my ‘gypsy palace.’”

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